Fish Farming in Naija: How to Start Fish Business and Guide for Beginners

Fish farming Business in Nigeria may be very famous. Fish farming is likewise a longtime beneficial commercial enterprise. And the call for of catfish is growing continuously. Among all of the fish species, catfish farming has a first-rate call for in Nigeria. You can begin fish farming in small scale for satisfying your every day own circle of relatives needs or for incomes a few more money together along with your normal earnings.

How To Start Fish Farming In Nigeria

Fish farming has first-rate possibilities in Nigeria and also you can also cross for big scale business manufacturing. Here we're discussing extra approximately business catfish manufacturing in Nigeria.

Fish Species

There are severa species of catfish across the world. All of these species aren't appropriate for farming in step with the climate and weather of Nigeria. A few of these may be used for business fish farming in Nigeria. Clarias gariepinus, Heterobranchus bidorsalis, Heterobranchus hybrid (Heteroclarias), Clarias nigrodigitatus, Heterobranchus spp, Clarias spp etc. are not unusualplace and maximum famous catfish species in Nigeria for business fish farming commercial enterprise.

Farming Method

Concrete tanks and fingerling out of doors structures each are very appropriate for catfish farming. Most species of catfish are cannibals. So, you need to take right care for the duration of sorting them as mentioned through their size. In case of fingerling out of doors culture, you need to save you the predatory bugs. You can make certain their safety through masking the tanks with mosquito nets. This will hold the predatory bugs far far from your fish. Polyculture of catfish with different not unusualplace fish species like tilapia fish additionally very famous in Nigeria. Polyculture of catfish in tanks with tilapia or different fish species make certain right use of supplementary feed and better manufacturing.


For a success fish farming and higher manufacturing in Nigeria, you need to feed the fish exact and nutritious supplementary fish feed. Always make certain enough availability of amino acids like arginine, methionine, lysine and crude protein of their feed. Fishmeal is a first-rate supply of crude protein. You also can use a few low price traditional or unconventional animal through-merchandise and plant residue in fish feed. Groundnut cake, soybean meat etc. are Plant residue the ones can satisfy the nutrient necessities of catfish. Nowadays, maximum of the fish farmers of Nigeria are the use of pelleted floating feeds. This kinds of meals make certain all important vitamins for fish and assist to boom boom fee and manufacturing. Breeding Generally, synthetic breeding thru hormonal induction is used for catfish. After a success breeding, you need to take unique care of the fry for the duration of the primary week. During this time you could feed the larvae zooplankton. The principal trouble with catfish is their cannibalism. So, hold the exclusive elderly and sized fish break free every different. 

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Fish farming is a first-rate commercial enterprise concept in Nigeria. And the call for of catfish is growing rapidly. Because, it's miles a first-rate supply of vitamins and meals. And there's already a appropriate marketplace available. As a growing nation, fish farming can play a first-rate contribution withinside the country wide earnings in Nigeria. The authorities need to create extra and centers for spreading fish farming commercial enterprise for the duration of the Nigeria.

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