There are some little mistakes we make in our poultry that affects us seriously. They might look not important to many people, but they are suffering seriously in their ignorance.

Now let's consider these common mistakes..

1. The Brooding Room: Most people do not arrange the brooding room very well. They do not cover it very well and they don't fumigate it before bringing their day old chicks. This causes a lot of infection that might cause serious mortalities on daily basis.
2. Adequate Heat: There should be adequate heat for the chicks from day 1 till one week. If your area is where there's too much of cold weather, you should continue giving them heat for 2 to 3 weeks. It hydrates them and also helps them to drink and eat well. Adequate heat also kills germs and also protect your chicks from being affected by some organisms or bacterias that causes infection. For your automatic brooder heater call 08062776610
4. Proper Attention: You see, if you know you won't have enough time to give attention to your birds, it is advisable that you employ someone to work for you or assist you. Be very attentive to your birds at all costs. Change their litters on time when necessary. Give them enough water and feed. When you discover they are not drinking water very well, check if that water is warm. If it is warm, change it with fresh water.
5. Proper Observation: The reason why most of us encounter serious mortalities sometimes is because we are not patient enough to observe our birds whenever we are feeding them. You don't just come and feed them and then piaaamm! you're gone! Be patient enough to do proper observation. This will help you to detect any malfunctioning in them easily and treat them on time before it takes hold of them too much. Late treatment always causes a lot of problems and even discouragement due to much of death of birds we are experiencing.
6. Techniques Used in Treatment: If we want to treat our birds effectively what should we do? Don't just come and mix the drugs yet. There's a technique to use. The techniques are: 

(a). Before you feed them, first of all remove all the drinkers.
(b). Feed them but don't give them water.
(c). Wash the drinkers and allow the birds to eat for about 20 to 30 minutes. By this time they are very thirsty for water after eating for a while.
(d). Mix the drugs with clean water and give them. You will see that they will drink it very well.
(e). Repeat the same technique for the number of days you're to administer the drugs.
7. Washing of Feeder & Drinkers With Sponge: The mistake we make sometimes is that we only clean the feeders instead of washing them before using them for new birds. This is not proper as it may cause infection. And again, whenever you want to give your birds water, wash the drinkers with sponge. The antibiotics we give our birds becomes harmful after 24 hours in the water. Some people would not change the water because they found out that the water is still much in the drinkers. We need to be changing it and give them fresh one.
9. Environmental Sanitation: Keep the environment clean. Some people leave their poultry environment dirty and disgusting. By doing this, you're putting the birds at risk.
10. Report in Time: Some people think they know it all. When they discover any problem in their birds of which they're not even sure of what exactly the cause is and the solution to it, they will never report to others and seek help. If you're such type of person, when you begin to face serious mortalities that may lead to frustration, it's all your fault. Nobody is an island of knowledge.
There are many mistakes we make which sometimes teaches us lessons. And this also helps us to adjust ourselves and put some things in order.
Let us also try and get some PDF of the common diseases in poultry farming. It is also advisable to buy the materials to read. Try also to see how you can adjust in your market strategy if you feel things are not going well as you expect it. For the PDF e-book on disease (#3000) call 08062776610
And remember, don't forget that God is the Arch of your life and business. Pray that He should help you back it up. May God give us more wisdom and help us to prosper and progress in our tasks. Amen!
God bless all our farmers....

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